What Is Xeriscaping?

What Is Xeriscaping?

Learn about xeriscaping services in Lubbock, TX

Xeriscaping is a landscaping method that relies on the architecture and components of the design to reduce the need for supplemental water or irrigation. It can be applied to gardening and to the landscape in general.

Nash & Associates Landscaping can help you establish water-stingy plants on your property with our xeriscaping services in Lubbock, TX. As climate patterns continue to shift, xeriscaping has become a popular way to maintain healthy, beautiful landscaping while limiting water usage.

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3 benefits of xeriscaping

Are you looking for ways to save water? Nash & Associates Landscaping can help you cut back on water usage at your residential or commercial property. Xeriscaping services can allow you to:

  1. Cut back on water usage
  2. Cut back on the cost of lawn maintenance 
  3. Maintain healthy plants with minimal watering

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